(OPINION) Time Lord Fest- a big ball of wibbly, wobbly, timey, wimey fun

TAMPA, Fla. (Jan. 26, 2012)- Tampa’s premiere Doctor Who Convention, “Time Lord Fest,” was held at the Zendah Grotto last month in Tampa. Tickets sold out before the day of the event and hundreds lined up in costume to shop the vendors, pose with a life-size TARDIS and participate in panels and trivia contests.

I attended in 10th Doctor attire with my pals Samantha, a sexy TARDIS, and Mina, a Steampunk TARDIS. We drooled over Weeping Angel fan art, Whovian fabric and polymer clay Adipose earrings. I don’t know which was more prominent- the excited chatter of fangirls and fanboys or the countless high-pitched sonic screwdrivers.

Ken Spivey, the organizer and leader of a Celtic rock Time Lord band, (the music genre is known as “trock” or “Time Lord Rock”- yeah, that’s a thing), performed on stage and presided over panels like “The Science of Doctor Who.” He will be hosting a DW panel at next month’s MegaCon in Orlando. He also recently hosted a “Whovians Singles Night” that was highly-attended.

For those who can’t get enough Doctor Who, the southeast’s largest DW convention, “TimeGate,” will be held in Atlanta, Georgia May 24-26 in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the world’s longest-running science fiction television show.

Here are some of my iPhone snapshots of the event:


A group of TARDIS (Tardi, TARDISes?) in various renditions of the time machine and space ship. TARDIS stands for Time and Relative Dimensions in Space.


Myself with Scottish hottie David Tennant aka “The Doctor.” Just kidding, it’s a cut-out. I’d have been arrested were he real.


Myself as “Doctor Donna” and Samantha as “Sexy” (that’s what The Doctor calls the TARDIS) in front of a replica TARDIS.


Two cosplayers as the 11th Doctor and his companion, Amy Pond.


A cosplayer as Oswin Oswald, known as “Souffle Girl.” She is not a dalek.


Minas as a steampunk TARDIS with a vendor dressed as Idris, the human incarnation of the TARDIS.


This guy.


Cosplayers as Jenny Flint, the wife of lizard lady Madame Vastra and River Song, the Doctor’s wife and Amy Pond’s daughter.

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