Gamer of the Week: Dawn Cain

In the past couple months since I’ve refocused this blog from general geekery to tabletop gaming, I’ve neglected one of my original goals- highlighting local gamers and events in the Tampa Bay. Starting today. I’ll be doing a weekly “Gamer of the Week” article that lets us get to know one of our area’s countless number of awesome gamers.

The profiles will be fairly random. They might be people I know, people I encounter in the community for the first time or people you suggest. Whoever it is, they’ll have all have thing in common- a love for gaming.

My first “Gamer of the Week” is Dawn Cain, who I met at Yancy Street Comics when I was assigned to her table for my first-ever session of Dungeons and Dragons just over a month ago. Dawn made me feel comfortable and included from the first moment I delved into her world and continues to be patient with me as I become more comfortable with roleplaying, a type of gaming that’s a bit out of my element.

While I have no one else to compare her to, I know this: Dawn is a fabulous DM who cares about her players’ experience. She incorporates our personally-written back stories into her storytelling so that we’re collectively building a world we can all enjoy growing in.

Without further ado, let’s meet Dawn:

gamer of the week dawn cain 2

Do you consider yourself a specific type of gamer? If so, what kind and why?

I really like a wide variety of games. Anything that makes me think outside of the box or gives my brain a good workout I am down for. So no, I just call myself a gamer.

What is your first gaming memory?

God, that is a hard question to answer. Games have always been in my life since a real early age. I think my mother really knew how important that games really are for the development of children, so we always had table top games going on whether it was Candy Land, Dungeons and Dragons, or just a card game.

What is your favorite game to play and why? Describe a typical session.

Magic the Gathering. It is a game that people of all ages can get something out of it. It is a game of skill and strategy, so that draws a lot of people into it, but it is good for kids as well because of all of the math and reading that is include in the game. But it is really FUN at the same time.

I must say one of my favorite parts of the game is seeing one of the kids down at Yancy Street Comics discover a new combo or trick in the game. They are learning and exercising their brain and they don’t even know it because they are having so much fun!

The best way to break down the game is think Chess meets Poker. Each player has a deck of 60 cards that he or she chooses base off of the strategy that they choose. The players take turns playing cards down to take the players life total down from 20 to 0 to win the game. It’s a game that always changes because every 3 months or so they come out with new cards for the game.

You DM for D&D. Tell us how you first got into the RPG and what led you to become a DM.

My mother got me into RPGs. She would have weekly D&D games with her sister and their friends when I was growing up, and as all of us kids got older we started to play the game as well. My whole family still plays today. How I got in to DMing was when I moving from Tennessee to Florida my friends wanted to play the game but I was the only one who had ever played so I DM so we could play, and I loved it so I never stop.

5. If you were a mythical creature, what would you be and why?

Besides for Uni from the 80s Dungeons and Dragons cartoon, I would have to say a wood elf. I can so get lost in a forest and be one with nature.

6. Rock, paper or scissors?

Scissors all the way!!!!!

Want to nominate a gamer for next week’s post? Post the person’s name in the comment below and their email or a link to their social media site so we can contact them!

2 comments for “Gamer of the Week: Dawn Cain

  1. David Growney
    February 24, 2014 at 1:04 PM

    I would like to nominate Mike coats for next weeks post. he loves the whole gaming dynamic. Although new to some types, he loves strategy based games and RPG’;s the best. he loves to spend idle time painting miniatures.

  2. February 25, 2014 at 1:28 AM

    I don’t know he’s actual email, but you can find him on facebook easy. Tank is into a lot of different games and has been one to teach the love and the fun of any game. I play magic with him, and even when losing he tries to make the most of it. You can see him upset for losing, but everyone feels bad when they lose. I nominate Tank for the next gamer of the week. Whether he plays Minecraft, D&D or TableTop games. He will always make the day.

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